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Immersion-UK specialise in providing full immersion English courses in England. We are based in London, but provide courses in a variety of locations in Southern England. Our courses provide an efficient and effective way of improving your English, spoken and written, in an enjoyable and stress-free environment. Our primary aim is to help you improve your English whilst enjoying yourself. Our courses are both instructive and great fun!

Why choose a full-immersion course with us?

Our full immersion English courses provide you with a study, accommodation and excursions package unlike any other. From the moment you arrive at Heathrow or Gatwick, your entire stay with us will be a continuous lesson. And you'll love it!

We provide what students want and need

english course in londonThe main benefit of a full immersion English course in England is that you are totally surrounded by the country, the atmosphere and the language. Not 'classroom English' but real English. From the moment you arrive, until the moment you leave, you will be speaking or listening to English with your teachers.

You study and live in a house with your teachers. You eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with your teachers every day, have constant conversations with your teachers and go on regular excursions with them.

Your entire day is a lesson, so you can improve your skills much more quickly.

Courses for Individuals and Groups

We offer One-to-One and Mini-Group courses for individuals, plus Elite Mini-Groups which are small private group courses for you, your colleagues or friends. We provide General English courses for all levels from beginner to advanced, and Business English courses for students of Intermediate or higher levels.

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Naturally, you want to enjoy yourself during your course and so, for this reason, we include a full excursions programme, allowing you to see many of the interesting things England has to offer.

Apart from being enjoyable, these excursions provide a valuable opportunity to practice your English. A normal 2-week course includes 5 half-day and 3 full-day excursions.

Practice real, every-day English

Although English is important for work, it is essential for daily life. If you ever leave your own country you'll need to be able to buy tickets, ask for directions, ask for things in shops, understand restaurant menus and so on. Even if you need to use English for work, you'll still need to have normal everyday conversations with real people. A large part of your course is aimed at helping you do all these things, and more.

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Our courses are not the most expensive available, but neither are they cheap. However, we believe that they offer exceptional value. In addition, our prices are transparent. There are no hidden extras.


Our prices include tuition, teaching materials, full-board accommodation, excursion entrance fees and even transport to and from London Heathrow or Gatwick airports.

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